Our Products

We've designed and built  our products based on customer feedback. Every piece sold is hand-built by our team. Delivery takes between 10-14 days. 

Our products come with a one year warranty.


Standing Lightboard

The standing Lightboard is our flagship. We have deployed these in studios, classroom and even homes (for lecturers).  

3 sizes available (size of glass):

160 x 100 cm

160 x 80 cm

120 x 80 cm 

Portable Lightboard

For those short on space, we have portable desktop versions of our Lightboards for you. 

Tabletop Lightboard Singapore.PNG
lightboard singapore studio.jpg

Lightboard Studio Set-up

We can help you build your own Lightboard Studio. We've worked with educational institutions to better engage students and enhance learning outcomes. 

Lightboard Studio Rental

We have spaces available for you to come down and record quick videos. If you are just exploring possible solutions, come and use our LightBoard Studio. 

lightboard Singapore studio rental.jpg