What is a Lightboard?

The board you see on the left with faint writings, this is a lightboard. It's a piece of glass pumped full of light. This allows the writings to glow in front of you as you write.

This is then recorded by a camera placed in front of you. Essentially, you are talking to the camera, writing on the glass in front of you and recording it.

No, you do not have to write backwards.

No, you do not have to use special markers.

Yes, you need to clean the glass after every session.

Yes, you need a good camera, semi-professional so you can adjust white balance, ISO and all that jazz.

Yes, you need a microphone too.

Yes, you need a dark room to record.

Yes, you do need to post-process the video. Flip the video, add in titles and annotate anything you need to.

Yes, we have demos for you to come try out.

Thinking of exploring using a lightboard? Contact us at to set up a demo session.